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The site is at the heart of the Ellesmere Port Decarbonisation activities.


A scientific research and development hub, modern purpose-built laboratories and industrial facilities. Multi-national commercial occupants in key research areas and regional primaries supporting HyNet delivery and implementation. The University of Chester operates the Energy Centre which supports businesses to unlock future technologies and a business incubator to support start-ups and research projects to exploit the assets and knowledge exchange potential that Thornton Science Park brings to key national initiatives around decarbonisation and energy infrastructure challenges.

The site is located right next to Ellesmere Port Industrial Area by M56, M53, rail, Liverpool & Manchester Airports, Manchester Ship Canal and Mersey River.


Thornton Science Park University of Chester, Pool Lane, Ince, Chester, CH2 4NU


The University of Chester

Total site area

26.7 ha

Suitable uses

Carbon Capture and Storage, Ammonia Research, Hydrogen Research, Energy, Industrial uses including pilot scale plots for future energy from waste facility and environmental technologies.

Potential investment

Home to UKRI, BGS funded £31 M UKGEOS project Cheshire Observatory ( A prime location to support the implementation and growth of the regional HyNet project.


Available now

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